Your Shared Hosting account can be terminated and will only be terminated for Three major reasons:

  1. Request for termination via the ticket
  2. Termination due to abuse after pre-warns
  3. Termination due to unpaid invoice after 30days of inactive

On rare cases, the account will show suspended even after 30Days of In-Activity. Here is a possible way to get things running again:

Shared/Reseller Restoration

  1. Once we receive your request, we will check your account backup availability.
  2. If your hosting plan is no longer listed on our site, we will restore it by suggesting a suitable plan.
  3. Once you agree to it, please ensure your Hostboldy account balance is topped up to cover the full renewal fee. For more flexibility, we charge 50% for each due month (the exact might display on your invoice list but we would make a calculation and create an invoice for you to restore the account).
  4. We will process the payment manually and restore your hosting plan. The access details (username and password) will remain the same as your old package, but the link to your cPanel account may be different in some cases.

Note: Not all cases would you get a restoration of an account exceeding the due date as our system might bin it due to inactivity.

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